• Bitcoin Acceptance Growing With Online Casino

    images (2)Bitcoin is an online payment software system that was introduced late in 2008. It was the first digital currency that offered consumers benefits they cannot get elsewhere. Instant withdrawals and deposits are two of the major benefits enjoyed by bitcoin users. There are no delays with use like there would be with banks or other online payment services. The deposit and withdrawal is literally an instant transaction that takes place right when requested. One bitcoin is worth over six hundred dollars in U.S. currency. That is an awesome exchange rate. Vera John Casino was the first licensed gaming site to start accepting this form of payment. Vera & John Casino offers a unique gaming experience with various forms of entertainment such as slots, blackjack, roulette and others. The variety is part of why players consider it to be the top online casino. Winnings are real and the gaming site is completely legitimate. Unlike many others you won’t have to worry about them taking your money and not giving you what you paid for. Some of the games offer large jackpots for those who win. It is possible to achieve a win with a single bet. Rules and regulations will vary by game.

    When someone joins bitcoin they have the ability to earn the coins by solving math equations. When these are correctly solved they will earn what is called bitcoins. It’s easy to earn and can be used in other places as well. It’s a great payment concept and even better that Vera & John Casino have joined the ranks by accepting this instant form of payment. It’s beneficial for them and for their members. Players will no longer have to pay hefty fees from banks or financial institutions. The fees charged by bitcoin are minimal. More information is available online.

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